Swiss Army Pocket Watch

The Swiss have a very good reputation for creating mechanical objects which are reliable and durable. The Swiss Army Pocket Watch is no exception. Victorinox – the makers of Swiss Army products have been making their famous Swiss Army knife ever since 1897 and it has remained popular ever since.

The Swiss Army Pocket Watch was introduced when the Swiss Army knife reached the peak of its popularity. Victorinox is the only company which is licensed by the Swiss government to carry the famous Swiss Army brand.

The Swiss Army pocket watch was one of the first models that was introduced. While the pocket watch is still available there are also many other wrist watches and other designs available. Some of the most popular watches include the Infantry and Calvary watch.

Swiss Army Pocket Watch


The Swiss Army Pocket Watch is made using high quality materials. This means that they are perfect for anyone who wants to use a reliable watch which won’t let them down. These watches are also perfect for people who enjoy working outdoors because they are strong and will put up with the elements.

As well as the Swiss army pocket watch there are collections which are perfect for ladies.

The Vivante collection is ideal for women as these are not only durable but also very beautiful. Many of these have very attractive dials made with mother of pearl, diamonds and precious metals.

The Swiss Army Pocket watch is still available and ideal for business men who want to remain traditional. These pocket watches are great fun and can be worn with any clothes.

Choosing A Swiss Army Pocket Watch

When you are choosing your Swiss Army Pocket Watch you should have no problems finding one that is perfect for you. There is a watch for everyone in the range which makes it very easy to choose a suitable one.

When choosing one of these watches you can be sure that they will last for a very long time. While they are more expensive, they are more of an investment than an impulse purchase.

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