Swiss Army Original Watch

The Swiss Army Original Watch is very famous because it is so reliable and easy to use. The watches not only look beautiful but they are also practical and will last for many years to come. The only company permitted to produce watches bearing the Swiss Army Original Watch branding is Victorinox. This is a world famous company which is best known for producing the Swiss Army knife. This knife was introduced in 1897 and is extremely popular.

US Presidents have given a Swiss Army knife to their visitors since the time of Lyndon Johnson. This has made them even more popular throughout the world.

Swiss Army Original Watch

Swiss Army Original WatchThe Swiss Army Original Watch was created by the founder of the company. He decided that his company could make something that is practical and much more reliable than many other watches already on the market.

Over the years the Swiss Army original watch became increasingly popular. This resulted in many different styles and designs being created. Each one of these styles is popular and features the same quality and durability that you would expect from Swiss made watches.

Perfect For The Outdoors

If you are interested in life outdoors then you will be able to use these watches to tell the time wherever you are. They are very durable and will be able to survive whatever it is you throw at them.

Fashionable Design

The Swiss Army original watch has a very nice design which makes them suitable for business users. There are also collections which are suitable for women such as the Vivante collection.

There are also extravagant designs which are complete with diamonds and precious metals. All of them are very reliable and certainly won’t let you down.

Choosing Your Watch

When you are shopping for a Swiss Army Original Watch you will find that there are many different designs that you can choose from. There will certainly be something for everyone as long as you spend plenty of time comparing them all.


  1. Miss Keryn C Woolcock says:

    I have been a watchmaker for 48 years and very interested in your Swiss Army watches I would like to
    know what the calibre is in 24653 model and also the automatics I have always had Tag Heuer and
    would like to purchase one of your swiss army for myself.
    Yours Sincerely Keryn C Woolcock

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