Swiss Army Luggage

Swiss Army Luggage is made by Victorinox. The company first started producing the popular Swiss army knife which has been available ever since 1897. They quickly started creating all sorts of other products which were also high quality and durable. Some of their other popular products include scissors, pliers and watches.

In 1999 the company began manufacturing Swiss Army Luggage, which has been a great addition to their quality range of products. This luggage is made from the highest possible materials and is built to last.

Swiss Army Luggage

Swiss Army Luggage

There are many different types of Swiss Army Luggage available. These include laptop backpacks, backpacks, briefcases, tote bags and wheeled luggage.

No matter what product you purchase, Swiss Army products have been designed with the end user in mind and there is no doubt you will be completely happy with your purchase.


There are many advantages to using Swiss Army Luggage. This luggage is not only high quality but it is also trustworthy. It can be used outdoors and is perfect for camping trips. The high quality materials are both strong and comfortable.

All of the pads on the backpacks are thick which makes it possible to carry the bag for miles without any discomfort.

Luggage Range

There are many different ranges of Swiss Army luggage. You will need to consider these ranges when choosing the best luggage for your needs.

Tourbach Range

This is the top of the range Swiss Army luggage which is expensive and looks fantastic. This is ideal for business uses and the fashion conscious people among you.

Mobilizer NXT Range

This is middle range and perfect for business travelers. This is light weight and strong which makes it perfect for people who travel.

Werks Traveller Range

This is the basic range offered by Swiss Army luggage. This is perfect for any type of traveler who is after good quality with a limited budget in mind.

The many types of ranges available are suitable for all types of people and budgets. Depending on your budget you will need to choose between the different levels of quality. Most Swiss Army luggage starts at $200 and increases in price in order with the quality and features. While this is more than most other types of luggage it is more affordable because the luggage is very strong and guaranteed not to break.

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