Swiss Army Infantry Watch

Swiss Army is best known for making fantastic Swiss Army Knives. However they also make a range of other products including Swiss Army Backpacks and the very popular Swiss Army Infantry Watch. The only licensed producer of Swiss Army products is Victorinox who has been making these high quality products for over a century.

The Swiss Army infantry watch has a very good reputation for being reliable and high quality.

These watches should never let you down because they are made to the highest standard. The Swiss have long been known for their mechanical skills.

Swiss Army Watch Models

If you are considering buying a Swiss army watch then you will need to compare between several different models. The current range consists of Professional, Classic and Active Watches.

Every different style has a number of different face designs and finishes. The Swiss Army Infantry Watch is an example of a classic watch from Swiss Army.

Classic Watches

The classic watches are designed to be functional and luxurious. These are very nice looking watches which are also very reliable and durable. The Swiss Army Infantry Watch has a nice clean dial which is very easy to read. The Swiss Army Infantry watch is available with either a leather strap or metal bracelet.

Swiss Army Infantry Watch

You might also like to consider some of the other watches in the classic collection. These are very similar in features to the Infantry watch.

Normally, the different models in the same range have minor cosmetic differences. Some models also have the addition of an alarm or other features.

Second Time Zone

The Swiss Army Infantry watch range is ideal for frequent travelers because it supports two time zones. This means that you can easily set two different time zones to keep you aware of the time at home and while you are away.

Some of the more expensive models also feature Automatic Chrono. These use a self winding system which means you don’t have to worry about winding the watch manually. The kinetic energy from walking and moving will be used to recharge your watch.

Swiss Army Infantry Watch Design

The Swiss Army Infantry Watch is a great example of classic design which is standing the test of time. While the watches have a nice distinctive design they are still easy and practical to use. They will also last for many years to come due to the extremely high quality components used.

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